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  1. International SOS 不像是提供醫療服務給面臨災難國家的機構,比較是屬於簽下大量企業客戶的醫療公司。


    It has 10,000 employees, led by 1,100 full-time physicians and 200 security specialists and provides health and security support to members in 70 countries. Its clients include 70 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies. The company’s core offering is its medical, security and membership services that enable employees to get pre-travel advice, medical and security assistance abroad and emergency help.


    International SOS has supported its clients and members in the face of global health and security crises including: SARS 2003, Boxing Day tsunami 2004, 2006 Lebanon evacuations, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, bird ‘flu H1N1, swine ‘flu outbreak (H1N5) in 2009, 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2011 Arab spring, and 2011 Japanese tsunami and nuclear events.


    On October 12, 2010, International SOS announced a strategic alliance with RMSI, a specialist in the provision of medical services for hostile environments. RMSI operates in extreme risk environments including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Pakistan.

    RMSI 的網站首頁(http://www.rmsi-medicalsolutions.com/)寫道:

    RMSI is a strategic alliance partner of International SOS, the world’s leading medical & security services company. As strategic alliance partners, RMSI delivers medical services for International SOS clients and members operating in hostile environments.


  2. 現今是網絡的時代,想試試看只用網上的資料,可以做到什麼程度。

  3. 只讀五年是不可能獲得三間著名大學的醫生資格,我的親戚必須讀七年加三年實習才能取得合格行醫執照,按照他的資歷,他不可能是合格醫生,若不合格到戰地去如何救人?疑惑!!!

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